/gor-sha/ verb. 
an act of friendship and love,
offering a mouthful of food by hand.

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One of the best bowls of market food I’ve had.
— Andrew Zimmern

Gorsha is out to demystify Ethiopian food by serving up the best of Ethiopian-inspired cuisine. Based out of Union Market DC, we’re a fast casual eatery that believes ingredients should be bold and quality should be accessible. We're here to disrupt the food scene by redefining the Ethiopian palate. So join our community, and spread love the gorsha way.


at the market

Our home is based out of Union Market DC in Northeast DC. Visit our stall, meet our staff and try the full experience of our menu. 


IN the office

For parties of twenty or more, we're happy to take care of your catering needs. Whether it's a private dinner, reception, corporate event, or anything in between, call on us.